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PX - Pedro Ximenez Vinegar Crema - Aged 25 years - 200 ml

PX - Pedro Ximenez Vinegar Crema - Aged 25 years - 200 ml


Produced according to the traditional method of balsamic vinegar, this product stands alone for its acidity content of only 3%. After reduction and partial caramelization of the must, from the sweet pedro Ximinez grape, it undergoes a slow process of acidification, matuartionand careful ageing for 25 years before achieving the required density and acidity. The result is a product rich in flavours and aromas, delicious on salads, meats and pasta, as well as a refinement for ice cream or strawberries. A natural product without additives, preservatives, sweetners or thickening agents. Ingredients: Vinegar from the must of Pedro Ximinez grapes and syrup from PX grapes. Contains natural sulphides from the grapes.

  • Product Info

    Produced from Pedro Ximinez grapes.   PX is a sweet sherry wine. This crema is a sweet vinegar product ideal for drizzling on salads or adding to roasted meat or vegetables, stews etc towards he end of the cooking process.

    Or use alone for dipping breads.

  • Ingredients

    Pedro Ximinez grapes Grapes and grape must

  • Acidity


  • Allergens

    Traditional balsamic vinegar does contain some naturally occurring sulfites

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