La Cultivada EVOO Tasting selection

La Cultivada EVOO Tasting selection


Discover the world of Organic, Biodynamic & Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and its organoleptic diversity.
Our tasting sets contain La Cultivada’s most select juices, extracted from different olive varieties.



La Cultivada’s tasting sets offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy a practical, gourmet experience that will bring you closer to the world of our organic, Premium category extra virgin olive oils. Using your senses of smell and taste, you will learn to appreciate the wide range of natural aromas and flavours that the different olive varieties present when they are harvested early in the season and before they change colour.

We suggest you taste the oils in the following order:

  • La Cultivada Arbequina
  • La Cultivada Quintaesencia
  • La Cultivada Hojiblanca
  • La Cultivada Picual

To learn more about the organoleptic profile of each of our juices, and to see our food pairing recommendations, please visit the product page for each oil.

  • Contents

      1 x La Cultivada Arbequina + 1 x La Cultivada Quintaesencia + 1 x La Cultivada Hojiblanca + 1 x La Cultivada Picual + Gift box.