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Finca Duernas Cuisine Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3Lt

Finca Duernas Cuisine Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3Lt


Duernas Cuisine: extra virgin olive oil 100% picual variety. An oil specially made for frying and to give a crispy finish on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Fruity intensity: 3
Bitter: 1
Spicy: 2


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  • Suggested Uses

    An excellent oil for general kitchen use and frying

  • About the Producer

    Duernas has proudly stood out as a Model Farm in various stages of its history and its managers are leaving a mark of such excellence.

    The cultivation techniques faithfully reflect how innovation has been going on: one can differentiate between olive groves that follow contour lines, with trees with several trunks and irregular frames, together and others with perfect frames and one-foot trees, which allow harvesting mechanized so that the harvest is optimized, improving the care of the tree.

    Finca Duernas, with its fourth generation at the helm, continues the tradition of offering the best olive juices

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