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Duernas Origen - Organic Coupage 500ml

Duernas Origen - Organic Coupage 500ml


Duernas Origen is a complex extra virgin, balanced in the mouth, with notes of banana and tomato, and a peppery aftertaste, owing to the high concentration of natural oxidants.


Gifts from Nature, which shows her appreciation for the care we lavish on her by providing us with exquisite food. Delicacies which tantalise our palate, whilst nurturing our body. They reflect our outlook on life because, at Finca Duernas, we live as though tomorrow will be our last day, but are as protective of Nature as if we’re going to live forever. There’s simply no improving on Nature. This range we offer you straight from the finca to your table is the reward we reap for our profound respect for the land and our culture.

  • About the Producer

    Duernas has proudly stood out as a Model Farm in various stages of its history and its managers are leaving a mark of such excellence.

    The cultivation techniques faithfully reflect how innovation has been going on: one can differentiate between olive groves that follow contour lines, with trees with several trunks and irregular frames, together and others with perfect frames and one-foot trees, which allow harvesting mechanized so that the harvest is optimized, improving the care of the tree.

    Finca Duernas, with its fourth generation at the helm, continues the tradition of offering the best olive juices

  • Green Commitment

    Finca Duernas complies with the requirements of organic farming to promote Biodiversity and for soil conservation as a brake on erosion. In addition, for us, excellence necessarily involves offering extra virgin, clean and healthy juices.

    We are committed to ecological and sustainable cultivation. We take care of Nature so that Nature takes care of us

  • Complete Traceability

    We have our own oil mill, which allows us to control the olives from the moment they are on the tree, until they go to the bottle.

    Our mill is strategically located in the center of the olive grove. This allows us to collect the olives in small batches that are immediately crushed. The mill has a state-of-the-art air conditioning system and inerted tanks to properly preserve the wonder that the olive grove gives us.

  • Precise Early Harvest

    The olive cannot exceed its optimal ripening time to result in a fresh and healthy fruit juice. In Duernas, we start the harvest at the beginning of October, which is when the olive tree enters the envero period. This moment is the most beautiful manifestation of the change of Nature; when the fruit changes colour from green to purple, showing the aromatic strength and flavour, along with its greater nutritional richness.

    The amount of juice that olives give at this time is less than half that if we let them ripen. At Finca Duernas we are aware of the sacrifice of that volume but we opted to offer a fresher and higher quality olive juice, this is our secret.

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